Unable to add words (CH: non-beta & website)

Tried adding words through both the non-beta android app and the website and failed.

On android app: pop-up appears saying “Looking for 5 words”, disappears after a few seconds. Another pop-up comes up and disappears in a split second (can’t read what it says), and no words are added. That happened regularly if the connection drops, but now it’s constant.

Through website: wheel spins, and then pop-up “No words to add, add a list”. I do however have a list statused “Adding words from” which is not done yet (as also indicated by the bar filling at less than 100%).

I know connections are poor all over the world now, but this seems to be unrelated.
Any idea?

I am also unable to add words. I use the Skritter website. This is a very new problem for me, maybe it started today.

Thanks for the report! It looks like this bug slipped into some of our updates from yesterday. We are working on getting it fixed up right now.

This issue should now be resolved!

Confirmed. Thank you.

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