Unable to do initial sync

I have tried for months now to do an initial sync of the Skritter Mobile Beta on iOS and failed miserably. It takes forever for any progress to be made while spinning with “Reviews: Syncing items: NUMBER”, and once it gets started, I see “Syncing items: 1000”, but then after it gets to “Syncing items: 14000”, it does not sync any further, and fails with an error message “There was a problem with the download” and a red RETRY button. This is very discouraging, because it takes something like half an hour to get this failure point and retrying leads to another half hour of ultimate failure.

Hi @FranklinChen,

Can you first ensure you’re on the latest version [300249] on TestFlight.

I just logged into your account to test the initial sync. Your account is on the upper-side of most of our users (400+ hours studied! :grinning: so the sync is going to take a bit longer than normal (avg time is 1-3 minutes).

It took me 12:32 to sync 70,000 items into your account (19,000+ reviews) plus all the vocab items in your account. My internet connection was 23MB/s so it might take longer/less time depending on that.

Here is a short video of its completion if you like watching paint dry :art:.


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I finally got an initial sync. Thanks! I think I had two problems that blocked this earlier:

  • After a failed attempt, I should have deleted the app and incomplete data and reinstalled. This seems to prevent the freezing and “RETRY” on subsequent attempts.
  • I had a spotty WiFi connection that resulted in intermittent outages that the setup did not recover from. I went to a different place in my home with a stronger WiFi connection.