Unable to mark neutral tone on IOS

iPhone xs iOS 13.1.3
When I manually switch my answer was correct, I can’t move to next flashcard some time.

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Make a neutral mark on Skritter Chinese app by drawing a small circle. It is not a tap, or a dot on the screen, although that is the way it works on the newer Skritter: Write Chinese app. Changing a grade may also pause the auto-advance in the app. If you tap the screen again, it should take you to the next character. Be sure to email team@skritter.com if you’re still running into issues and we’ll try and help!


That’s odd, I still use the legacy Chinese app and I have always tapped a dot, never drawn a circle.


I just opened up the app again and you’re right. If you tap in the center it does appear to work just as a dot, but also had a few instances where it told me “should be neutral, not 1st tone…,” and other times where it just marked my tap as wrong (I guess I wasn’t in the center of the screen?). Anyway, the default gesture for the neutral tone is a small circle, so it taps are problematic one can try drawing a small circle instead.

Wow, those things have never happened to me in 5 years. Just tap, it marks the neutral tone, and it slides over to the next card.

Device size probably has a lot to do with it. When the device goes beyond the screen size (like in the OPs picture) we’re pushing the limits of what the original canvas was designed for.

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