Unable to use family discount code to subscribe, please help!

I’m trying to subscribe 4 accounts using the family discount plan I was offered, but I’m unable to use the coupon code I was told to use. I was told to put the code into the “Alternative Payment” field on the enrol page, but there is no such field for accounts that already exist. We’ve been trialling Skritter for two weeks and love it but now we can’t figure out how to subscribe!

I could create a NEW account and use the code, but I don’t want to do that since I have weeks of pretty great progress on my account and I wouldn’t want to start from scratch. Our free trial ends tomorrow and we want to subscribe right away so we don’t use access.

Would appreciate some admin assistance please!

I can’t help,with your billing question but based on the old FAQ, you don’t “lose access” to Skritter when your account expires, you only lose the ability to add new words. Hence, you can still study your previously added words. Here’s the quote from the FAQ:

What happens when my subscription expires?
You cannot add new words any more with an expired account. However, you can still use all other features, and you can review all the words you’ve already added. Spaced repetition study gives you great long-term memory benefits for a little maintenance work, so we want to make sure you have the opportunity to keep all that knowledge you worked so hard to gain when you were actively studying! If you decide to add new words again, you can resubscribe at any time.

I just realized if you log into the Skritter website, and go to your account, on the right-side of the page is a Billing section. In it at the bottom is a link to adding a coupon code to your account. Perhaps this is what you are looking for? See image below:

hi Apomixis,

I did try that but it gives me the following error:

“General Error
This coupon may not be used again after signup.”

So my coupon code isn’t one that can be applied to my existing account. :frowning:

I did see in the FAQ too that I won’t lose all access at least, which is good, but I’m on a pretty good pace here learning new words so I hope the Skritter admin will be able to sort out my billing issues soon!

Thanks very much for your help though!

Hmm…that’s an issue the admins will indeed need to fix.

On the plus side, if they haven’t sorted it out before your account expires, you can always add fifty new words at once to tide you over while you wait.

Oh, good idea! I didn’t even think of that, it expires tomorrow so I’ll go add a heap of words right now!


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If you are on iPad versions, you can double-tap the “+” button and a menu will pop up to allow you to add multiple words at once. Not sure about the web or Android versions.

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Yup on Android there’s a “+” button that lets you add 5/10/15/20. I added enough for at least a week, lol, so I’m set. I hope the admin will help me get my account going but at least I won’t be short of homework!

Hope it’s ok to bump my thread, I’m still waiting for billing and subscription assistance. I emailed on Friday and still haven’t heard anything back.

Just updating, my subscription billing issue was fixed last night and I’m all set up. :slight_smile:


Glad to hear everything was taken care of. Best of luck on your family’s path to character mastery!

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