Unreliable "XX items due" counter

One thing I have always found unreliable ever since I started using Skritter was the “XX Items due” counter.
While studying, it can reach 0. But if I go back to the dashboard, it can immediately say “60 items ready to review” or whatever amount of items is ready to review, and when I then click study, it will go to “60 items due”. So my question is, why isn’t it updated while I’m studying?

The way I study now is that I reach 0 in the session, go back to my dashboard and check if there are any more items left to review, click study again to study them. I repeat this until I reach 0 items to review. Am I somehow using the system wrong? Unfortunately, it makes me feel like the algorithm/system behind the spacing in Skritter isn’t fully done or unreliable. Combined this with a weird time tracking bug I’m experiencing (it doesn’t track my time correctly at all), it makes Skritter feel underdeveloped.

This pains me, I love Skritter! I want to see this platform succeed. Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi there! The way the queue is being handled will see adjustments as time progresses and you should start noticing things behaving more smoothly with each release. It looks like there’s an open issue for the time tracking bug as well. The site is in beta so it’s still under heavy development, however you could use the legacy site in the meantime, at: https://legacy.skritter.com

If you notice anything else be sure to let us know!

Thank you very much! I appreciate the professionalism in your responses. I look forward to newer releases.
Is there a place I can go to learn about how big the development team is and how often new versions are released?

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Glad to help!

Right here on the forum is a good place. The development team consists of two people, and new versions are released as quickly as possible. Dev notes are periodically posted right here in the forum, blog.skritter.com, and newsletters as well.

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