Updates to iOS app soon?

Hi there. I’ve broken my phone and need to buy a new one soon, and since new models are coming out around this time of year, I’m trying to decide what to buy. I use Skritter a ton every day, so the future of the apps matters in my decision-making process. Before, I had an Android phone and an iPad, and I never used Skritter on the iPad because the Android app worked so much better – especially the learning mode. In fact, I found the iPad app so hard to use (the lack of a learning mode, plus generally being slightly over-designed) that I loaded just Skritter onto an ancient Android phone my husband had stashed away that could barely manage to run the app, just so I’d still have a way to practice. I’m now sorely tempted to go back to an iPhone for other reasons, but I don’t know whether or when to expect an update that will bring the Android features to iOS. Thoughts?

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In the future, it won’t matter if you’re using an Android or iOS device-- we’re working on replacing the client with new framework based on www.skritter.com, and so all versions of Skritter will be the same. If you’d like to use an iPhone for other reasons anyway, I’d say go for it!

Well, I hope that you keep the current iOS app in a legacy mode as well, because the new web abb is horrible… Nothing I want to see in my phone. The current one has an outdated feel, but it at least works. The same for the old web app…

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The reason why the iOS app hasn’t been replaced is due to the 2.0 beta being young and not being ready to port. Don’t worry, we’ll make sure it’s something you want to see! Would you be able to let us know some of the things that aren’t working, or things you expect but aren’t yet implemented? You can shoot us an email at team@skritter.com