Using GenAI

Skritter is working well for me. However, in light of all new developments, just wondering, I was just thinking about cool new applications to leverage GenAI. 1. using it to create personalised spacing (possibly even per card) for SR. 2. It could also be used to sense when a user would be ready for a new word or character and 3. for which one.

Curious to hear your thoughts on this.

Interesting questions though I am not sure I completely understand.

  1. “…to create personalized spacing…”: isn’t this what the Skritter algorithm does already?.
  2. “…to sense when a user would be ready for a new word or character…” again this is something that the algorithm already attempts and can be tweaked in the settings. I think you are asking GenAI to read your mind, which may be coming some day.
  3. “…for which one…” well if Skritter could follow me around and see everything I am reading and which words I am looking up that would be great. As it is Skritter is ignorant of which words I have seen / spoken / written outside of the Skritter ecosystem. That said, there is a pretty broad set of integrations with Skritter where you can port your vocabulary to Skritter or vice versa. A few that come to mind are MDBG Dictionary, Maayot, ChinesePod and Pleco. See the full list here: Partners, Integrations, and Resources < Skritter Blog
  1. Yes it’s doing that, and quite well. Still I expect that a more data generated algorithm could predict better when what card should be due than most SR algorithms that are in use today. Gain could be 1% or a lot more, that’s hard to predict. It’s just a thought.
    2 and 3. Reading minds may be a bit of a leap and is not what I meant. I mean more smt like: if a person knows Characters A, B and D, then it might make sense to learn character C, and words DA, BD and AB. And also, if a person has added quite a lot of new words and getting them wrong lately, the algorithm could maybe automatically adjust the goal of word adding per day. And maybe prompt the user to slow down or smt.

Anyway, again: Skritter is working fine for me. Above are just thoughts on possibly interesting applications of AI to improve further.