Usually written using kana alone

I’m a nearly two year Skritter user and I love it. This is my only complaint:

When adding vocab, there is not an easy way to just study the hiragana only for words that are usually written using kana alone. Often these words have obscure kanji writings that I would rather not learn to even recognize, as I’m never gonna see that kanji.

It be cool if there was an easy way to deal with this without having to add a word. Just an option to select study kana alone. If it’s too hard obviously don’t worry, but just a suggestion.

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Also, get some faster servers :slight_smile:

You can actually! For instance if you search for a word like なるほど, it will default to 成る程 which is also marked uncommon. You can hit “All Results” and then switch back to the kana only entry you searched for. (Any word marked uncommon won’t have writing prompts unless you have the “study uncommon kanji” option enabled in your study settings).

You can also just disable the writing prompt for a word in your list settings as well, though it’ll still show up with kanji in reading/definition prompts. Here’s a link to a guide:

Speed will greatly improve with the new site design :smile:

True, but I’ve found the kana alone option is seldom present in “all results,” and then the only option is to add a word. That’s chill, and I’m assuming user adds is how you added many of these words in there in the first place. I just thought a “study kana alone” option that you could toggle on quickly for any word in a vocab list might be a useful feature someday.