Video/blogposts word lists

I thought that all video or blogposts had an official word list associated in skritter but it seems you stopped adding them after the first few videos? I like that you produce new kind of content and it would be great if you kept your main product up to date with the new stuff.

Hi there @nbrr

We try to make a special list if the video has enough specific vocabulary to make a list useful for studying.

Website 2.0 search terms:

  • Chinese Idioms: To End a Relationship
  • Chinese New Year Phrases
  • Confucian Phrases
  • Dinosaurs in Chinese
  • Gym and Workout Terms
  • I Haven’t Even Started Yet!!!
  • Making Tea and Coffee at Home!
  • Ordering Coffee
  • Social Media (China)
  • Social Media (Taiwan)
  • Star Wars
  • The Avengers in Chinese
  • The Planets and the Solar System
  • Yoga!

Legacy website links:

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