Volunteer for interview with reporter

Hey guys, I’ve been in contact with a reporter from the WSJ who is doing a piece on SRS. She wants to talk to a Skritter user, preferably from the US, who has been using Skritter to learn Chinese in a business context and has seen a lot of success with it. It’d be a quick phone interview about your experiences using Skritter and SRS to get a couple quotes for her article. She’s very pleasant to talk to. Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll make the connection. (I think she only needs one interviewee.)


If you’re not from the US, or are learning outside of a business context, that can work, too.

Happy to help if you haven’t found anyone from the US. I’m UK based and started learning for pleasure but am beginning to use it for work and have recently completed my first architectural installation in China :smiley:

Great! Have two volunteers now, so this’ll do it–thanks for helping out.

Nick found some people to help out so I’m marking this topic as closed.