Wacom Intuos Windows 10 settings


Can anyone advise on what the default settings should be under Windows 10? In the free software that came with the tablet/pen, pen-down and pen-up and drawing while pressed down seems very straight-forward, with harder pressing equaling thicker/darker lines, but I cannot get even the basic pen-down functionality working with Skritter on PC desktop. I believe the default Wacom tablet/pen settings of pen-point = Click means left button pressed when pen is down. Drawing characters in Skritter while holding the left mouse button down works fine (with the mouse), but I am not getting anything using the pen. I disabled “press and hold” in Control Panel after reading through the legacy site FAQ but that is not helping. Thanks for any help.


Ah, I was going to point you over to the legacy FAQ about wacom pad input, but it looks like you’ve already gone through this! In the meantime, have you tried this out on different browsers to see if you get different results? (Chrome / Firefox for instance)?


Had same problem with other browsers but then, Under the Tablet Properties, I changed mode from Pen to Mouse and that has it mostly working now. Still playing with the Mouse Acceleration and Mouse Speed options to get a better experience. “Mouse” mode does not seem to allow the same dual monitor flexibility that “Pen” mode does and overall its not a great experience compared with using my finger on an ipad/android. Will try it some more but can’t really say I’d recommend PC Skrittering on the Intuos. Probably pen and paper is the best for muscle memory to complement finger-Skrittering.

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