Wacom One tablet currently $100 off on Amazon

I was going to buy this a few days ago for $400 (which was the same price listed on Amazon and Micro Center so I’m certain its legit) but decided not to, today I revisit the Amazon page and its $100 off. I figured I link it here if anyone wants to save $100 (25%) on what seems to be a really reputable drawing tablet (with a display)


Is anyone using this tablet on Skritter? I still have my old Bamboo Wacom that gets the job done, but I’m like 99% studying on the mobile apps these days. This does appear to be a good Prime Day deal, which ends tonight.

App all the way! I tried the tablet I got from you… wait, what, that’s nine years ago soon (that’s a bit scary!) …and it did work, but I only really use the computer sometimes for editing lists/adding words these days.

I am very happy with it (though I had to disable “Use Windows Ink” in a rather obscure area of the tablet’s settings). I’d always used the app before but it was cumbersome on my larger Samsung tablet and my fingers would always grease the screen on my cell phone. So I wanted a tablet that I could write on with a pen at my computer but I especially wanted one with a display that way I can tell exactly where I’m putting the pen down without the need of a bubble indicator.

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