Want to improve my speaking/listening

Yoyochinese or chinesepod ; which one would you subscribe to ? Other options available online ? Thanks in advance for your feedback. Regards, Michael

There is also popupchinese which is mostly free.

I used chinesepod for a while. But they moved to Taiwan. I noticed they introduced some taiwan only vocabulary in their recent lessons. Anyway, it’s still a useful site.

I’m using graded reader books now to practice listening.Most books come with audio. For me this is perfect, practice reading and listening .

Thank you for sharing. Btw, cost is no issue as long as it helps me improve.

+1 for Popup Chinese, love their quirky podcasts and if money is no object you can subscribe and download them all to listen on the move. Also try Slow Chinese podcasts if you prefer more realistic topics!

Will check it out. Has someone used Yoyochinese? Their grammar ( building sentences) videos seem very clear to me.

I have subscribed to chineseclass101.com and find it really great. It’s linear and very logical.