Way to quickly review recently added words?

Is there any way to quickly review only words that have been recently added or have lower scores? When I first learn a word or character, it would be nice to have a mode with very high frequency exposure so it is easy to remember.

Perhaps add the ability to hide / show definitions in the word lists? Then it would be easy to go there and quickly try to memorize recently added words.

Or add some kind of game for the next ten words not yet added that does not impact the learning algorithm - just a way to sort of get familiar with those words before allowing the algorithm to take over.

Found a way. I can just pipe them to Pleco as flashcards and then use the “New” setting in Pleco for efficient review of ones I’m struggling on or for brand new cards.

Would be neat if there was a way to do this with only a single button click in Skritter - push the button and automatically add the card to a review list in Pleco.

If you’re using the web version, anything that’s marked wrong will quickly come back for repetition-- if you’re looking for the ability to hide / show definitions in a list view, you could export your words (https://legacy.skritter.com/vocab/mywords) and then print them off folding the sheet, (or remove the definitions and quiz yourself on them).

If you have a mobile device, you could also use the “Test” mode directly in a list to study words as many times as you’d like, even if they aren’t due for review!