We chat group to motivate learners

Hey guy,

Since I have gotten back to skritter after a small break, I decided to make a group chat for any of the fellow skitterers to join if you want to. I hope we can use the chat to motivate others and maybe so some mini competions, or if necessary to answer any questions related to Chinese. If your interested please add “skritter heroes”

Password is 2802

what’s the groupID??

I love the idea man, but I’m not sure how to join the group…?
I think you need to share a group ID or something, or post the QR code in here.

I don’t understand. What do you add “skritter heroes” too? Where do I need to go to do this? Is this for Japanese as well?

Well, he said heroes, so naturally it can only be Chinese learners…
:wink: j/k

sorry guys, i was on holiday for 2 months hehe. I wanted to upload the qr code at that time, but i didn’t have suffcient rights. I think the group can be open for both japanese and chinese, however as you said japanese is not for real heroes :stuck_out_tongue: . I’m was planning to use the group to motivate ourselfs, but I guess we can also use it to help people who encountered problems with the language itself.

Here follows the QR code :smile:

Also wechat is only a China thing… No need to worry about Japanese learners crashing the party :slight_smile:

The qr code is expired. Could you post another? I tried to search for skritter heroes to add a contact but it comes up with no results.