Web 2.0 export out of order


Exporting a multi-section list from Web 2.0 mixes up the order of the sections.

Also, 2.0 exports as UTF-8 instead of UCS-2 LE (not a big deal, but maybe not intended?)

(both versions cause entries with newlines in the definition to span multiple output lines, complicating machine parsing)

(I am trying to programmatically reorganize lists to make them easier to learn, ala the Skritter 101 hand-curated list)


I’m not able to reproduce the issue where the sections are out of order when exporting a multi section list on 2.0. UTF-8 is used by choice, however.

Would you be able to let me know the name of the lists your running into this issue on?


I also see the same thing and just duplicated on a list on my account. In fact, if I change the name of the file to use when exporting, the export changes. See attached images showing an export of the same list, with the same Tab delimiter, giving different output results. They both have the right content, but the sections are gone and the sort-order appears to be random.


The specific list I downloaded was the Emma list discussed in another thread:



@Jeremy. Were you able to duplicate this issue?


Ah! I was able to reproduce this and opened and issue. It looks like I forgot to reply here though, sorry!

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