Web has also the sentense space bug


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i decided to use the web app to do some reviews because the mobile apps dont synchronize. and i found out that the sentense space bug for tone reviews still persist. this is the same bug that your new beta apps have as well. i raised a bug about the web version long time ago. it seems none of your app work these days.


when i find a space bug problem and refresh the web app it takes me back few reviews and i have to repeat myself


@mikelimassol what list/deck are these sentences coming from? Spaces should not be included in for words or phrases (at the character level) for any items on Skritter as it causes bad things to happen like you’re describing.

This item, for example, should be 这样就好了 with word/phrase spaces indicated on the pinyin level, not the character level.

I believe the only real way to fix this is to manually edit each of the entries that have spaces in them so that they’ll work correctly. Our system is not built to handle spaces and parsing like this.

Feel free to DM or email me (jake@skritter.com) so we can assess the situation and see if we can find a solution.



the old beta had the same issue and got fixed and it was working like a dream. the decks are under “Domino Chinese” with the “COMPLETE” prefix in the title. its mainly the first 10 levels that have sentenses.

i was using the old website to import these lists. not sure if this is why the problem exists.


Seems like during the list import the spaces got added in or something like that. Let me do some digging and get back to you.

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thank you mate.
just to point out one more time though.
the old beta app and the current live legacy app seemed to be able to handle these sentenses during tone reviews.

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I’ve made sure there’s an open issue for this so the behavior can be fixed!


thank you very much mate. for now i reverted back to the legacy app on android and tested the sync and it works. I will use this for now until the next beta update is released, i will keep an eye on this forum until the next update is available.
Thanks again

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