Website lagging

I’ve been experiencing a lot of lag over the past few months… sometimes I have to wait several seconds between every review item. Sometimes I can fix this by changing servers on my VPN, but sometimes not.

It almost feels like only one review item is being loaded at one time. Sometimes I spend a little while on a single character and yet the next item still isn’t ready. Getting tired of those three little green loading dots…

I assume you are connecting from China since you are using a VPN? If so there’s unfortunately not much we can do to improve the speed-- we’re undergoing a complete site overhaul however which should hopefully improve the connection speed.

I am living in Germany and a friend of mine and I also have lag problems.
As I am using my Ipad I do not have those lags while learning (though I quite often need to synchronise) but checking the vocab lists on the tablet takes a long time. My friend who is using her Galaxy S3 has lags while reviewing words.

Yes, from China. The slowdown is recent, though. It didn’t used to be this way.

The team recently told me this lag when looking at lists on iOS was due to the fact the app has to go to the web page to access the information. They assured me this will be dealt with in future but it won’t be immediate as they’re working on the site.