[Website] Pen input HP Spectre x360

I have tried using HP Spectre x360 Pen to have a more natural writing experience. For some reason however the writing field is much much more sensitive and reject most of your strokes. I do not think the attached video shows it off well, but generally the experience with the pen and skritter is rather frustrating. Anyhow other apps work well with the pen input.

This sort of looks like a stroke recognition issue and not the pen input itself. If you trace over the teaching mode strokes, does it still reject them? It looks like some of the strokes you were attempting were just past that threshold of closeness

i feel like that it might be that the pen does not produce as straight lines as touch. I am reporting this as I do not have any problem doing the same by touch.

Also I do have the same problem when tracing in teaching mode as well

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