[Website/Touch] Tapping input to progress in multi hanzi words results into tones, strokes being marked wrong

Win10, Firefox, multitouch-Touchscreen

Observed behaviour:
During a tone or handwriting prompt for a vocabulary consisting out of more than character, tapping the screen after finishing the currently prompt, will result into progressing to the next partial prompt and also marking the tone (for tone prompt) or the first stroke as wrong. If a tone is 5th tone it instead is instantly marked as correct.

Using other touch inputs besides just tapping the screen results is correct behaviour

Correct behaviour:
when progressing to the next partial prompt by tapping the screen the input should not also result in an evaluation of the correctness of that tap.
i.e. tapping should only progress to the next partial prompt

Additional information:
i can provide a video if my explanation is not sufficient.

i previously tried reporting the same bug through the support panel, but due to the support panel being bugged i cannot access previous conversations after receiving any reply and as such i am reporting this here and also added more precise information

Would you be able to send a video to team@skritter.com so we can take a closer look as to what you mean?

I will try recording next time the bug occurs to me

but do you mean what i mean by tapping the input area? like not drawing you finger over the screen but just touching quickly at one location once. like as if one wanted to create a dot. also this is touch input i did not test mouse input

also do you know what I mean by a card consisting out more than one character?

if those points are clear it should be really easy to reproduce

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Nice and clear, thank you! I’m not able to reproduce this using a tablet or phone and don’t have another device with touch input to test this on (though others on the team do)!

What type of device are you using?

I use a laptop with a multitouch screen and windows10/Firefox

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Hi @sirati, I’m able to reproduce the issue in Firefox and will look into getting a patch out for this. In the meantime, I don’t see the issue in Chrome, so I suggest using that.

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thank you for working on it. i do not like using chrome for privacy reasons

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The website has been updated with a fix, let me know if you’re still seeing the issue on your device.

it seems to now work for kanji handwriting prompts. however it still done not work for tone handwriting prompts

I see the issue. Will look into getting this patched up in the near future as well. Thanks for the report.

Hi @sirati the fix for this should be live now. Both tone and writing cards should be more pleasant to use touch with in non-webkit browsers.

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