What are all the new tags

I have come back to using Skritter after being away for a while and have noticed some changes to the way the formatting is being handled. I noticed that Skritter is no longer using asterisks for bolding text and is instead using the strong tag. Also I noticed the underlines for indenting have been removed as well and replaced with the em tag equivalent. Could you share all the new tags and formatting options currently available?

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Welcome back!

I still use asterisks to enter bold in mnemonics windows, both in the information panel during review or in study mode, and in the swipe-left box. It works - you can use the strong format as well.

I have noticed that my mnemonics still use the asterisks and underlines when viewed in Legacy Skritter but show the tags when viewed in the app. If I change the asterisks and underlines to the tag system in Legacy, Skritter will not only ignore the formatting in Legacy it will remove the tags as well. I’m guessing it’s best to format using Legacy with the asterisks and underlines since Skritter will delete the tags. I find it more difficult to edit using tags since they are longer (especially on phones). When I edit the tags on my phone using asterisks and underlines Skritter doesn’t convert them to tags. However the Skritter team has clearly put time into the tag system. I would like to hear more from the Skritter guys on what they think the best practices should be for editing mnemonics.

Since the app is currently converting things like asterisks and underscores to tags, it sounds like to make things more simple it should display them as asterisks and underscores and not show you the tags which is hard to edit!

I did a little more experimenting with the Android app. I found that if the tags are changed to asterisks and underlines Skritter won’t immediately change them to tags but it will convert them to tags once a sync is preformed. So now I am no longer going to worry about what editing tags to asterisks and underlines on the app may do since Skritter will just format it in a sync. Thank you for your reply. By the way I truly believe that editing with a wysiwyg is far more user friendly (especially to new users) than using markup. Best wishes

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