What are your current Chinese language goals?

It is fun to see so much activity on the forum these days. While lots of the topics are about the mobile beta, there has also been some good discussion on literacy, HSK lists, and some other interesting topics about Chinese and the learning process.

Anyway, these topics got me thinking about language goals, and I’m curious what everyone is trying to achieve in the short-term and long-term with their Chinese. So, please share your current Chinese goal below!

I’ll start :slight_smile:

I’m working on a lot of Chinese stuff for Skritter, but it doesn’t present me with tons of learning opportunities. Recently, I’ve started speaking to my 19-month old daughter in Mandarin a lot. The target is a few hours of total immersion per week for now and even more as her language skills develop. Speaking in Chinese is easy for me, but when talking to my daughter, I’ve realized how many vocabulary gaps I have for basic stuff that I never really learned while studying-- lots of animals, specific body parts, foods, etc

I keep the conversation going, but I’m getting sick of saying 東西 :slight_smile:

So, my current goal is to make notes of words I need to be able to say so my kid can geek out about stuff in Chinese too. I have a list started, and I’ll probably update the contents a few times a week while I’m studying. If there is interest in the list, I’m happy to publish it, but it is subject to lots of changes as I update to suit her interests. Last week my kid liked bears and owls, this week she’s obsessed with sharks :wink:

Apart from that I have loads of books that need reading, and I’d like to learn some more Tang poetry, but I think those things are going to have to be goals for next year. Too busy building Skritter stuff right now!


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So many goals: build up to Classical Chinese; read Buddhist and Taoist texts and poetry; understand conversations (just discovered CSLPod that might help with that); read texts on internal Chinese internal arts that I study (qigong, baguazhang, xingyiquan, taijiquan); order a meal in a restaurant :slight_smile:.


Big goals! Would love to hear about your journey studying Classical Chinese. I have a 「古文觀止」on the shelf, but I’m waiting a long time till that is the book I focus on.

Building up my knowledge of 小猪佩奇 so that my students know how cool I am.

Serious business and then you stuck order a meal on the end. I guess you’ll be working backwards through those…

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