👋🏼 What content do you want to see?

Hey Skritter Fam! :wave:

This is Maria from the content team! I’m hopping on here to simply say hi, because I had never been here till now! I’m also excited to let you know that we are looking for your input for Skritter content!

I’ve been writing Chinese content for Skritter since 2017. I write most of the captions/notes for the HSK words and example sentences for new (and existing) vocabs. I am the main proofreader of most of the Chinese content we create (now you know who to blame if there’s any typo :wink:) I also create decks on special topics, such as the Climate Crisis and the Coronavirus.

Here are some of the things I worked on recently and not so recently (with the help of our wonderful team :crazy_face:):

Justice is Love in Action :fist:t4:
Same Same But Different!
The Climate Crisis
COVID-19 Terms Deck
Star Wars Deck
Technology Deck
Yoga Deck! Guess what? I also teach yoga!

So here’s the big question:
What types of content do you want to see on Skritter?

It can be explaining a specific grammar/word, comparisons of words/characters or even pronunciations, decks of certain topics, situations, blog posts, videos, or social media posts. Anything you would love to see in the app or in other platforms.

There’s no guarantee but we’ll try our best to make you happy!

  • Skritter “cards” for all the HSK grammar points.

  • Ensure “good” example sentences for all HSK cards that ONLY use vocabulary for that HSK level or lower. (eg. An HSK 3 word shouldn’t use vocabulary in its example sentence higher than HSK 3)


Hi @SkritterMaria

For me It would be a big plus if there is an option to get the definitions in Chinese in stead of English. For instance definitions based on the “Xiandai Hanyu Guifan Cidian”.
I personally don’t want to know all these English translations when I am studying Chinese. :innocent:

I also like @Apomixis idea about the HSK examples sentences. Maybe you already know these three books (A Dictionary of 5000 Graded Words for New HSK) they use only sentences according to their level and below.

For some inspiration take a look at:


What do you think of this idea?:
A running compilation of n number of key words from the past week’s news.
Section 1: Ten trending or prominent words from this week’s global news.
Section 2: In week two the then-current words from that week are input into section 2 of the running list.


Great idea @podster

Maybe go by month, with 4+ sections for each week.

Would make a great compilation even going backwards through each month’s events.

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Ideas from a friend and me:

  1. Video-gaming vocab
  2. Contemporary music vocab (popular bands, terms)
  3. Contemporary movie vocab
  4. Don’t know if you can or want to get into this, but contemporary political terms would be useful. Perhaps too dicey for an app that crosses regions?
  5. Current slang terms
  6. Current popular expressions
  7. Anything that is an aid to having a current conversation that is keeping up with news and events
  8. Vocab to talk to people about their career choices and employment options
  9. “How-to” vocab lists: how to handle a problem with your landlord, deal with utilities, and deal with any other day-to-day situations
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You could try changing the app language to 简体中文 in the user settings. This will change the definition area into your desired language if we have it, and it defaults to English if there is no entry.

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An HSK grammar list would definitely be awesome. The HSK Standard course books have clearly defined grammar sections with example sentences that could be used as-is.

I guess this is more of a suggestion for a video -

Common filler words and structures, kinda like the english
“So, …”
“Anyway, …”
“In other words, …”

Those kinds of things, that help move a conversation along and/or change topics.

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