What does the voice say at 5, 10, 30, 60 minutes?

On the iOS Chinese Skritter app, a sound effect of a guy saying something happens at periodic intervals. For example, he says something at 5 minutes, ten minutes, and 30 and 60 minutes.

What is he saying? It’s always the same thing at the same times, but I’ve been hearing it for a year now and still have no clue what is being said.

BTW: I’m not sure if it’s because I have the “Eccentric” setting turned on or not…not really sure what that setting does, but it’s name was too great NOT to turn it on!


I remember a couple…

At some point you can hear 加油 (jia1you2) which means something like "Keep going!"
Another is 厉害 (li4hai5) meaning “awesome” in this context.

Here’s the full list of all the eccentric phrases. Hope this sheds some light on what you’ve been hearing all this time!

  1. 熱身了 (re4shen1 le5):
    Warmed Up!
  2. 十分鐘而已 (shi2 fen1zhong1 er2yi3):
    Only 10 minutes
  3. 繼續吧 (ji4xu4 ba5):
    Keep Going!
  4. 活到老,學到老 (huo2dao4lao3, xue2dao4lao3):
    Live till you’re old, study till you’re old
  5. 半個小時,那算什麼?(ban4 ge5 xiao3shi2, na4 suan4 shen2me5):
    Just a half hour
  6. 哇,書呆子 (wa5, shu1dai4zi5):
    Wow, bookworm!
  7. 你還在學嗎? (ni3 hai2 zai4 xue2 ma5?):
    Are you still studying?!
  8. 不經一事,不長一智 (bu4 jing1 yi2shi4, bu4 zhang3 yi2 zhi4):
    You can’t gain knowledge without practice.
  9. 你是個人嗎? (ni3 shi4 (yi) ge5 ren2 ma5?):
    Are you human?
  10. 少壯不努力,老大徒傷悲 (shao4 zhuang4 bu4 nu3 li4, lao3 da4 tu2 shang1bei1):
    If one does not exert oneself in youth, one will regret it in old age.
  11. 學無止境 (xue2wu2zhi3jing4):
    knowledge is limitless
  12. 物極必反 (wu4ji2bi4fan3):
    extremes breed reversals

Excellent! Thanks for so clearly spelling them out.

What it also shows me is that I havent Skrittered enough in one day, since there are some on the list I’ve never heard!

Thanks again!

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Love it! I hear 1-6 all the time, 7 sometimes, 8 once in a blue moon…

I hit diminishing returns around 45-60 min per day.

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