What to study after HSK6?

I am slowly approaching a situation where I have completed the HSK6 word list and I wonder what next? What word list would you recommend to someone that has gone through HSK1 - HSK6 (+ some special lists)? Or should I try to add traditional characters to my learning set, so far I have only studied simplified

First off, congratulations. That’s awesome. :boom: My advice would be to continue reviewing HSK6, and then make a custom deck of words you pick up while reading/watching stuff, and personalize your vocabulary around things you’re interested in so you can talk about your passions in Chinese.


Gwilym has the best advice.

But if you still want to proactively study/acquire more general-use vocabulary, you could check out the TOCFL lists. By the top level, they contain ~3000 more words than HSK. In practice, I’ve noticed when The Chairman’s Bao uses a word that isn’t in the HSK, quite often the word will be covered by the TOCFL (for example, the article I just read had 12 non-HSK words, but 7 or 8 of those were in the TOCFL).


New or old HSK 6? Because as someone who sat and passed the new HSK 6 its basically a walk in the park compared to the old HSK. I would study the old HSK decks as they’re much more challenging