What's New at Skritter HQ - Q3 2020

@SkritterJake recorded a video last week that we just released on YouTube and IGTV.

Check it out below to find out what we’ve been up to all summer, and what we are looking forward to working on in the next updates.


Hey everyone,

Please let us know if you’d like to see more of these kinds of updates coming out on our channel, and in the monthly newsletter. They certainly take a lot more effort than writing up an email, or a forum post, but they’re lots of fun to do, and Gwil’s b-roll and extra add-ons are super awesome.

Worth nothing, that most of the time, these updates wont be about billing and backend project work :wink: There are always so many interesting things happening in the Skritter community, and in the apps, and the Chinese/Japanese language learning community at large and I’d be happy to organize some of what’s going on into more videos like this moving forward.


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Hey Jake, not sure what’s going on with the transition to Stripe but when I log onto the site, my anti-malware software (Malwarebytes) blocks your api domain (api.skritter.com) for ‘phishing’. Any idea why that might be happening now?

Stripe migration has been live since July 31st, so I don’t think this would be related. @josh @SkritterMichael you guys have any idea?

Also, are you trying to access this link by chance: https://www.skritter.com/api/v0/docs? Forgive my ignorance on this aspect of the site. I don’t handle the programing, clearly :sweat_smile:

I was checking out the api docs as well but that was more just out of my own curiosity. This was coming up when I was using regular skritter.com. Because of this, it looks like I can’t study on the site right now either since those endpoints are being blocked. I can whitelist the site but I just wanted to make sure there wasn’t anything fishy going on.

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There is nothing fishy going on and this is the first we’ve heard of this kind of issue. @jus102u does it provide any other information about why it’s specifically flagging things as phishing? I’m out of the office until Wednesday but we could certainly try downloading Malwarebytes and seeing what is up if the issue persists.

Hi @josh, thanks for reaching out. I’ll export the log and send it in a support ticket to the Skritter team. The logs don’t seem to be all that useful in explaining what the actual issue is and phishing is a weird one to be flagging for an API but maybe you guys will get more out of it than me. Thanks!


Yes I like to know what’s new :+1: but…
Do you guys know that Youtube and Instagram are not reachable in China?
Maybe you can also post these update directly on you own website or forum.
And I also like to know what you mean by “our channel, and in the monthly newsletter”


Here is the link to sign up for our monthly newsletter:

Skritter Newsletter

We try to post our Instagram mini-lessons on our blog as well which should work in China. Here is an example:

Do you have a recommendation for a good video uploading site that isn’t blocked in China?

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