What's the difference between reading and tone?

I’ve been using skritter for a bit over a month now, mostly to improve my writing skills. Up until now I assumed “reading” asked you to remember the pinyin without tone, and “tone” was for learning the tone.
I tried out the flash version of skritter and reading asks for pinyin with tone. So I am slightly confused now, is reading just a harder version of “tone”?

I liked the typing test in the flash player for reading, very similar to memrise, which I used up until now. Will it be ported to the HTML 5 webapp, or are there no plans to do so?

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Typing pinyin will be added to the HTML5 client-- The difference between reading and tone prompts are in revealing the whole reading at once (or typing it), versus breaking it down to just tone level for each character. It might actually make more sense to completely separate them and have reading prompts not include tone (if being typed), so that the two different prompt types could be apart and graded based on whether the tones are remembered regardless of the reading, or the reading is remembered regardless of the tones. For right now on the HTML5 client, reading prompts are click to reveal which shows the reading with tone marks.