Where else I can download the app from?

I’m using a Xiaomi android phone in China. Google Play Store is out of the question, despite using VPNs. Is there anywhere else that hosts the android app?

I could just download the Google Play Store onto my Xiaomi 3 abour 1 Year ago when i was in China, maybe things have changed but maybe you can give it another try.

I don’t remember the exact steps but i remember i did it back in the store where i bought it, and it wasn’t all that complicated… maybe this works:

Or can’t you download stuff from the play store because of VPN reasons?

or here :wink: https://files.skritter.com/android/
see: Skritter Android Updates

Thanks very much, lazylink! In recent months the CCP has declared total war on Google and the only way to get Google Play is by rooting the phone, I think.