Which lists to add?

Still quite new to Skitter. They are many lists to add to learn from. How do most add their learning lists? All of the same or mix and match?

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If possible, I would only choose lists for textbooks you’re studying from, or books you’re currently working up towards reading, or other things you will be exposed to. If you’re new to Chinese/Japanese, you can start with the “Skritter 101” lists, which is always a good choice, and then the language you’re studying would of course influence the recommendation after finishing the 101.

Mixing and matching doesn’t hurt, as long as you’re sure you want to be learning the material and it’s useful. A strong tactic is maximizing your exposure with things you learn in Skritter outside of Skritter. For instance if you’re playing a certain game or reading a certain book, that can be one of the lists that you’re adding from in addition to the other sources you’ll be exposed to.

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I want to focus on HSK modules. How do I remove other study programs from “My list”.
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You can click the “X” next to the list’s name to remove it from your studies, or the pause button (II) to move it to the lists you’re reviewing words from (but not adding words) from.

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I saw you post a similar solution on another thread. I have a similar problem, but when I use the “X” as you say (and click confirm to the popup about removing words), the list disappears but the words remain in my review queue. Any ideas about how to resolve it?