Which test does "Next" refer to?

Can anyone tell me when looking at my words here: http://prntscr.com/ihjyws

Which test does “Next” refer to… Is this 2 months for any test or (tone, reading, writing etc…?)

Because the SRS algorithm seems much faster than Anki to me - I don’t know this character well enough to see it in 2 months.


Hmm, you can check on the specifics of when each part is scheduled by using the legacy My Words page, at: https://legacy.skritter.com/vocab/mywords

Once there, you can search for the word and then click on it, which will pull up the detailed information for the word (showing the scheduling information in the lower left hand corner).

Thanks, that helped.

Another query I have… When I get my reviews down to 0 and then keep practicing am I pulling in items scheduled for tomorrow, next week etc, and then when I get them correct (because the gap is shorter between last seen) am I pushing their review interval further out?

I’m wondering if keeping going when 0 reviews are due has a detrimental affect on the SRS algorithm.

Good question! This is actually referred to as “over studying” and can be detrimental to the SRS since it’s being studied before it’s fully 100% due. I recommend stopping when you reach 0, (or adding new words, making sure that you’ll be able to keep up with the new demand, so you shouldn’t add too many words at once or in one day).

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