Why have multiple lists when I only get from one

I set radicals plus advanced and the import only gives me radicals.

Hi Cloa513ch!

Do you mean that you’re exporting your characters, however it’s only giving you ones that are isolated radicals, versus “full” characters (actual characters) in the export? If so, would you be able to let me know where you’re running the export from?

If this isn’t what you mean, could you explain a bit more about the problem?

Using Kindle 8 HD. Thank you for you reply.
I choose to do Skritter radicals list and 300 Kanj by story and Intermediate Japanese for a while but the study add function completely crowded my list with radicals. Now I have removed the Skriiter radicals and I am still getting radicals and seems to be adding them. Why the sudy mode doesn’t show where the item comes from? Why doesn’t Words have my complete brief study list so I can see the balance and remove a whole lot of them if need be?

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