Why the beta is unusable for me at the moment

Hi there,
before unleashing my negative criticism, I wanna thank the devs for great communication during this process of developing the new mobile beta. So here are my thoughts on what could be improved (speaking of the Android app):

-mnemonics: There seem to be some default mnemonics shown, I want to be able to disable this. Furthermore, now there seem to be word-level mnemonics, which is nice, but I can’t seem to find my character-level mnemonics when learning a composite word. To me the character-level mnemonics are more important, so I absolutely need to create/refer to them when learning composite words.

-definition/pronunciation cards: The definition and pronunciation cards should make better use of the screen estate, show bigger characters. This is highly subjective, but I personally prefer the definition cards not to include the pronunciation and the pronunciation cards also not to include the definition.

(-stats: not implemented yet, so not really a criticism, but another reason why I want to stick to the 2.35 version)

I really hope the mnemonics situation can be improved, as I think making your own mnemonics is very helpful in memorizing the characters on the first iterations.

kind regards,

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Creating your own mnemonics is the way to go-- the system will be improved as updates roll out! I’m not sure about the behavior of definition/reading cards, however you make a good point that each card is designed for each type, and you shouldn’t focus on definitions on a reading card and vice versa.

Some characters and words have more than one reading, and how they are read depend on the meaning.

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I find other people’s mnemonics extremely distracting and would like to disable them entirely. As soon as I see the mnemonic it sends my brain down a side street. I’m certainly not going to populate thousands of cards with my own mnemonics - I appreciate that they’re useful to others but they’re just a distraction for me.

I know you can’t satisfy everyone - just registering my position for consideration.

I also would have thought that those who do use them would benefit from the ability to show the mnemonic without showing the characters. (The hint without the answer) Perhaps a separate panel from the general info panel could provide this? (Slide out from top or left perhaps.)

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@mikemills do you use your own mnemonics, or do you prefer not to see any at all?

I prefer not to see any at all.