Will Japanese Pod 101 vocabulary be available for Skritter?

Hi, I used to add vocabulary in Skritter directly from the podcasts I listened using Chinese Pod 101. Now I am focussing on Japanese but I have to add vocabulary manually as Skritter and Japanese Pod 101 don’t have this kind of cooperation.

Do you plan to work together in the future? This will probably make studying more convenient for many people. As both skritter and Japanese Pod 101 are quite recognized learning tools.

Maybe you meant ChinesePod, not Chinese Pod 101. If a list exists for the latter it is only because someone created it. ChinesePod is the only one that is automatically integrated with Skritter. If you want lists for Japanese Pod 101 you are probably going to have to create them yourself, or wait for some other kind soul to do so and publish them. Don’t despair though: the act of creating this list(s) may reinforce your study.

ChinesePod and JapanesePod101 are different companies, which is why there unfortuantely isn’t something set up with JapanesePod101. @podster’s advice is great, though! Creating the lists will only reinforce your study, and you can make sure to add what you’re able to handle as you go along if you prefer, (opposed to creating the list in one go). You can also copy and paste words up to 200 at a time directly into a Skritter list section (using legacy at https://legacy.skritter.com)