Will Skritter ever be fixed and not in a constant beta?

Looks like from the forum and my own experience that Skritter has been a really messed up and a broken program for many since moving to 1.0 to 2.0. I read some of the stuff on Riddit about Skritter and share the same concerns and experiences.

I played around with the open source Skritter cousin called Inkstone and for what it does–it actually works circles around Skritter. I believe that’s only one person doing the work on it, while Skritter has a team.

On Riddit–the person from Skritter said that they were listening, but listening and doing is totally the opposite thing.

With that said, I have appreciated Skritter and have learned using it even with the problems and having to use legacy most of the time. I honestly don’t think Skritter is better than pencil and paper, but the tools make it a worthy investment and I’m sure we can all agree on that.

I hope that you guys can get this app out of beta and make it a tool for efficient and possible faster Chinese learning. But in a small community as the Chinese learning community–word of mouth is spread quickly…good or bad and Skritter isn’t doing to good these days and it’s from the end user experiences, which are creating a lot of frustrations instead of steady learning.

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@Smokey We’re working on getting 2.0 out of beta as quickly as we can while simultaneously cleaning up a lot of legacy code and migrating to newer and faster frameworks. It’s a process, and unfortunately it can’t happen overnight. We’re trying to push updates every two weeks or so and working to address many of the issues brought forth on the reddit thread and from feedback that users like you are providing. We have a team, but it isn’t a huge one.

I’m curious what major issues are preventing you from using 2.0 at the moment? Please feel free to leave them as a reply or shoot us an email at team@skritter.com

Please keep checking in on 2.0. More and more legacy features are getting reimplemented and we’re continuing to clean up bugs and make updates. We do appreciate your concern and we’re working hard to reduce frustrations. We continue to offer legacy.skritter.com as a study option because we know that 2.0 isn’t quite where it needs to be. I do think it’s getting closer with every update, and I promise that @josh and @SkritterMichael want to develop the best study tool that they can. We’re all language learners and want Skritter to be the most efficient tool for the job.