Will Skritter implement Hentaigana?


As of June 2017, Unicode has implemented the whole set of Hentaigana (the historical variants of kana), which roughly amounts to 300 or so characters.
Since it’s actually coded in Unicode, I wondered wether or not Skritter could implement them as well. I think it can be deeply useful to those studying classical calligraphy and classical literature.

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This is awesome, I hadn’t heard about 変体仮名 being added to unicode yet. Since there are unicode points, It could be mapped the same way that kanji or hiragana/katakana is mapped, so this is definitely possible. We wouldn’t be able to get around to this until a lot more higher priority things have been taken care of, of course, but it would be quite useful for those studying classical literature.

Glad to hear !
I myself am not ready to tackle such advanced matters as classical literature yet, but as I plan to do it someday in the future, I hope I’ll be able to use the help of Skritter. No rush here.

Thanks for your quick response anyway !