'Word Learned' screen needs to go

Having to click to learn the next new word is absurd in my opinion. For each deck of 50 that’s 50 additional clicks that aren’t required. Also have I really ‘learned’ the word at that point anyway? What happened to spaced repitition learning? Skritter was built entirely upon that concept and it made sense. I can’t for the life of me work out how the new app is trying to teach Chinese at this point. I’m just… Flabbergasted

We do plan on adding a feature to bulk learning words from a deck or a deck section in the future which should help mitigate the frustrations you’re experiencing. It’s still built on the same SRS system via the review queue on the dashboard, but the learn button now functions more like the add button did in previous versions. The benefit of the new learning system is it gives the opportunity to learn something before being asked to review it and then having to mark it wrong immediately.

In general though we are trying to maintain most of the previous SRS system, while expanding to allow more of a visual progression through decks with the option to do more things not tied to SRS like custom tests. We want it to be just as awesome as before, but want to expand it more so that it’s easier to use, understand and be more than just an endless queue of things being thrown at you.

Other than the ability to automatically have things added while reviewing and being able to quickly bulk add things what other things do you think are missing?

@josh Usability-wise if the user wants to keep adding words in Learn mode the user should be able to keep his/her finger in the same place and keep hitting the link. But currently, each time a user clicks to add the word directly (without going through the full learn mode), the options under the fingers move so that if the user clicks the same place again, it takes Skritter out of learn mode. To add multiple words, the user has to keep clicking up-down-up-down…not smooth.
However, I noticed if I click real fast, Skritter doesn’t really add the words (I guess the server backend hasn’t caught up with my clicking) and keeps saying it will add the same word over and over. So perhaps this usability quirk is purposefully there to slow the user down?