Word list “already added” indicators

I really like the way the new app handles progress indicators on word lists. One can see at a glance how much of the entirety of a new published word list one already “knows” and exactly which words have not yet been added in the subsections. Really beats counting one’s way through each subsection to figure out how much of it is really new, and helps in choosing which new word lists are worth adding. One can check quickly, for example, how much of each HSK level or of a particular standard textbook has been mastered, without having to study the actual lists.

The OG Skritter distinguished, however, between grey “just introduced” words and degrees of green “known” words, which was also helpful. I don’t think we really benefitted from the WTPD indicators in the OG app, so I think it’s ok they are gone, but the grey/green distinction was useful.

Will grey/green indicators be a feature in the new app?

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This is much better, we agree! It’s something that wasn’t as possible on the older clients and is just one example of how things can make a bit more sense now.

This is already set up! If you go into a deck section, anything that’s been added will have a teal circle around it’s number, where words that haven’t been added will just show the number without any colored circle

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Ok so no grey “just introduced” indicator. Not a huge loss from the OG, but I did find it helpful.

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