Words deleted from lists still appearing in review

Using legacy Skritter, I transferred a large number of idioms and expressions from about 12 older lists into a new Idioms list. I then went back and deleted these expressions from the original lists.

However, they are still turning up in reviews of these older lists.

I’ve checked the stats on each one: they all still include the original lists, and some of them include both the original list and the new Idioms list (in the section that says which list they are being reviewed from.)

Then, using legacy Skritter, I went back to the original lists to see if the idioms were actually still there. They’re not.

Then to double check, I used the new Skritter to see if they are somehow included in the original lists in this app. They’re not.

Yet somehow they must be somewhere because these deleted words are still showing up in reviews of lists they are no longer on.

How is this possible?

I have reported this using the app. However, there is still no resolution.

It looks like you’re submitting account-related issues as corrections to individual characters/words so they are getting closed by the team that reviews them (ie. incorrect definitions, pinyin).

If you’re having troubles with words showing up on you account that you believe are deleted I recommend sending us an example of a few to team@skritter.com and including more information about the lists you were transferring from and to so that we can check them specifically on your account.

Ok will do, thanks

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