Words in study that I don't want to be there


I am studying Japanese and I started with Hiragana and Katakana but am now doing Kanji.

I’m trying to only study Kanji in my Skritter and I paused/removed the lists I had for the other Kana.
It said it would remember my progress on them so I had no issue removing them.

However now I am adding my Kanji and it’s the only list here but Katakana keeps popping up…
It wasn’t really visible in the 2.0+ apps but in Legacy I can see them listed in My Words.
There seems to only be options to remove them entirely or ban them (neither sound like they will remember my SRS progress)

Any advice please???

To confirm, is kana popping up for study on both 2.0 and legacy? (Or is it that they are only listed in the Words area on legacy, but still not showing for study)? Are they not showing up on 2.0 at all?

Also, do you recall if you used 2.0 to remove the lists?

it is in both . they now show in my word list in both but i cant work out how to just get rid of them from study. i believe i removed the lists in 2.0

Okay, these should be gone now. Please let me know how it goes!

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