Would I actually save time with "add characters when adding words"?

I’m using Skritter to learn new vocabulary (rather than purely to learn to write characters). At the moment that means I’m adding a lot of words. There are always occasional words where one character is harder than the other, and I end up writing one (or more) “easy” characters many times while learning the hard one.

If I turn on “add characters when adding words” will that let Skritter focus on the problem character and avoid the whole-word rewrites? Or would that only work if I encounter the characters well in advance of seeing them in words?

That’ll add the easy characters too, so I recommend jotting down which characters you’re having more trouble with, and then manually adding them to a custom list!

Its done and it worked. Quick question. I have a couple of lists i want to study outside the flashcard system. When i click on the subsection and study now the screen is empty. Is this because i never studied these characters?

Hmm, would you be able to let me know the lists(s) that this is happening with, along with what version of Skritter you’re using?

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