Writing help, separate writing lists

I’m super confused about getting writing to work. I used it early on in my studies, but as I was flooded with hundreds and then thousands of new vocab, I left the writing behind and used skritter more like flashcards. Now that I’m out of formal studies and have more time, I’d like to return to writing as I think it would help me remember characters better.

Switching back to writing is confusing though. I read the FAQ about switching between parts of studying, and I tried turning writing back on, but no writing prompts ever come up. Under each list, I change I tried changing it to JUST writing, but sometimes it doesn’t prompt me to write everything (ie some words left out), and sometimes it says I don’t have enough words (need at least 4, when I have dozens or more words in a section).

What’s the deal here? I thought it would be as easy as flipping on a switch and having writing back. Can anyone help me understand how this works and what I’m doing wrong? Thanks.

I’ve tested studying on your account and its loading writing prompts so it looks like the problem must have sorted itself out. If not please let me know!