Writing か on the Andoird App

Thank you for Skritter. This is one of the best flash card services I have ever used.

I typically use Android for doing my lessons and the web based service for looking at stats and managing lists. Recently I have turned on including writing kana for word with kana attached. However I am finding writing か to be extraordinarily frustrating. Typically I have to write the first stroke 5 or 6 times before it gets recognized. Even when the guide appears and I trace over it exactly it will still reject the stroke most of the time. I once made a mistake and tried to write て and the system immediately recognized it as the first stroke of か.

Is there something wrong with the mapping? Or am I being really dumb? Are there some か writing strategies I should follow? I have no trouble writing almost any other kana or kanji part.

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Stroke recognition needs another round of tuning for kana, there are a few particularly problematic ones. This will be improved soon, it’s not you!

Thanks for the reply! I look forward to the improvements. I haven’t had trouble with others yet, but of course with the nature of hanging kana there are many rare ones I haven’t written yet.