Writing Pinyin in HTML5

Sorry, if this issue has already been discussed, but I could not find it … and no similar topics popped up during writing this post.

I’m used to the legacy system and try to get acquainted with the HTML5 version. I’m using Chrome as my standard browser.

When working in HTML while studying all four categories, I do not see a field where I can enter the pinyin as I did in the legacy system.

I just see: “What’s the pinyin?” , the han4 zi4 underneath and an empty area between the arrows < and >.

In the bottom I see a “stroke order” symbol, somethings that looks like an “eraser”, and “eye” and and icon that obviously defaults to the check mark (OK) setting. Unfortunately there are no tool tips either.

If I click once, I can see the pinyin, like I would when asked for the definition. Do I need to activate something in my browser?

Thanks for your advice,

This has already been whipped up and will come with the next round of updates when they’re pushed live. :slight_smile: