"wrong" strokes

I don’t think I can stand studying on an app where I draw the same stroke over 10 times until the app throws up its hands and says I’m completely wrong when the stroke I’m drawing is perfectly acceptable. Is there any good work around? Is there an option to turn off the computer checking my strokes for me and just let me determine if it’s right or wrong?

Sounds like a problematic stroke. Is there a particular character or stroke type, like a hooked you’re writing when you notice this happening?

(There’s no option to turn off the stroke checking, though as silly as it may sound you could use actual scratch paper, and then reveal the character once done writing and manually grade it).

The 2nd stroke for 九. Yes, it hooks.

I noticed this yesterday with 脛, where the middle く wouldn’t register even when I was perfectly tracing the outline. I’ve noticed similar issues with this 3 く radical in other characters as well, they seem quite finnicky.

For hooked strokes, exaggerating the hook at the end will allow it to register more easily, those can be troublesome-- as well as the く shape in some characters, I have problems with those myself like in 拶 or 災 etc. Unfortunately for some strokes they can be tricky depending on how they’re drawn, but learning Skritter’s quirks and slightly adapting to how they register is a great aid.