You'll need Adobe Flash Player to use Skritter

I am using the legacy skritter site. Today the above message appeared. I have downloaded the latest version of Adobe Flash, I have enabled it in add-on manager in Firefox, have also selected ‘always activate’. But I still get the above message.

Any suggestions please?

Does the message show in the canvas area (replacing where the Skritter canvas would be)? If so, I think you can click that area, which should have a pop up asking to allow Flash to be used.

That used to be the case, but it no longer works.

The Adobe Flash works on other sites, just not Skritter.

Same problem here with the legacy site. Difficult to know if is comes from changes from Skritter or from a Microsoft update.

We’re looking into this right now, thanks for the heads up!

@SkritterMichael pushed a fix and it should be back up and running now.

Now working. Many thanks.

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Thank you for your speedy reaction, fast enough to avoid cold turkey on my Skritter addiction.
Best wishes

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