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Hey everyone,

just a small thing I would like to talk about. I really appreciate your YouTube channel with different topics you introduce with new vocabulary. However, I find it to be true that not always the videos come with a Skritter review list to study the words which were introduced in the video. In the past, sometimes there were some mentioning that there are some lists in Skritter, but that is not always the case. This is just a minor thing and just an additional feature/service which I think should be included to get out most out of this format. Thanks a lot and keep doing great work :slight_smile:

Thanks for taking the time to watch our videos. Some videos we make are begging for a Skritter list, since it might be a particular theme with several important vocabularies. For example, the recent mental health day video or Star Wars. However, other videos are more about sentences, which is not something Skritter is optimized for, so we don’t make a list, and therefore write a blog post. With the mental health day video, we did a list and blog, since we had lots of good vocabs and sentences.

Some videos just teach a single thing, or a cultural insight to get people interesting in the language and therefore don’t merit a list. Finally, there are some videos where we teach several words during the video, but to put them in a list would not work since there is very little context between vocab items unless you have seen the video.

Hope that explains our process a bit better.

We still need to improve our website and apps to make finding lists with video easier to find, as well as finding official Skritter lists.


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