3.7.X Beta Release Megathread

Hey y’all!

The 3.7.0 beta is out for testing, and we’re super excited about some of the features and improvements in these builds. We’re working on some final polish before this goes to production, but here are some things to be on the lookout for!

  • Outlier Chinese form data for 3000 characters
  • New Test Incorrect cards feature on Test activities
  • New Practice Pad writing feature on My Words and Info screen
  • Moved edit button position for easier access
  • General bug fixes and improvements

A note on Outlier data. We’re thrilled to have the Outlier data as a part of Skritter’s info screen. This data is provided generously by our good friends John and Ash at Outlier Linguistics 100% free during this trial-run period.

You can show your support for this partnership by clicking the links in the app and checking out their amazing courses on Chinese Characters, Mandarin Pronunciation, and by purchasing their full dictionaries (currently accessible in Pleco, which we have integration with) directly from their website.

It is our hope that we can also support the purchase of Essentials and Expert additions of their dictionary in-app in the future. In the meantime, enjoy these amazing entries for 3000 commonly used Chinese characters!

Hope you’re enjoying the 3.7.0 beta!

Happy skrittering!


This is great! I’m a pretty casual learner, but Skritter is definitely my number one Mandarin companion these days. I think you read my mind introducing the “test incorrect” and “practice pad” features. And with “Outlier” data too, I suppose–though previously I only knew of hanziyuan for etymology. And by previously I mean a couple weeks, and only just today I used it for the first time after noticing Iona’s tattoo. As far as etymology goes, I’m personally more interested in pictures!

Thanks for the hard work!

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Welcome to the forum!

Love to hear that Skritter is helping you and that the new features are what you’re looking for to make it even better :slight_smile:

Outlier Dictionary entries do include some ancient form SVGs that are really cool, but they’re not on every entry.

If you haven’t done so already, consider checking out the Chinese Character Course in-app.

Thanks for the kind words and happy skrittering!

Any progress on getting the crashes resolved? They are happening daily now.

Also: TestFlight says “developer has removed you from the testing program,” so I can’t access. Reason for this?

Have you tried turning off auto-advance yet? Please try that off so we can try and isolate the bug. @mrclwlf has reported no issues since doing that, and we’d love to see if that helps. If not, keep the emails coming and working with Josh.

We didn’t remove you. Trying and joining again? Join the Skritter: Write Chinese beta - TestFlight - Apple

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I’ve checked out your Chinese Character Course–some great insights about characters in there! I’ll offer some other feedback, though: In-app, the embedded videos stay in portrait mode on my phone even fullscreened, and display auto-turn-off remains enabled leading to a locked screen mid-video. This is on an Asus ROG phone II running Android 10.

Actually, on further investigation the very first Character Course video behaves as expected. Note that on this screen, one may freely rotate into landscape and back. Fullscreen video rotates properly as well.

However, tap into e.g. Section 8. Without playing the video, note that this screen is locked into portrait mode. If you tapped into this screen while previously in landscape, the video is zoomed in and cropped, making it unviewable. If you tapped into this screen while previously in portrait, the video is zoomed out and not cropped, and so it is viewable. However, it will not be possible to rotate it to landscape mode.

Hope this helps!

edit: I didn’t realize that I could watch these videos through the website by clicking through to the deck while logged in on the website! This works great, I prefer desktop video watching!

I’ll turn off auto-advance and report back after a few days if that fixes it.

Thanks for the link to rejoin TestFlight.


@kstrikis thanks for the report! I think we’ve got the orientation issue patched up and it’ll be included in the next version.

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Josh, great! Awesome you’re so quick with that fix.

Sorry guys, I just can’t work with auto advance turned off, it is far too tedious over hundreds of cards. I’m going to assume that would fix it and go back to accepting crashes until a final fix is found. Good luck!

@Therebackagain Roger. It would be awesome to know if turning it off (even for a single day of studying) kills the bug, but one thing that would be super helpful for digging deeper into the crashes regardless of that would be a screen recording of an entire Skritter session as it happens.

Screen recordings on Apple are super easy to do. A step-by-step guide to set this up can be found on Apple Support outlines the process here.

Note, we don’t need a microphone enabled, just a video of you studying would be greatly appreciated.

The video file will likely be too large for an email attachment, but an upload to Dropbox, Google Drive. or some other cloud storage sharing options would help accelerate our ability to find and fix this issue.

If you or anyone else seeing this bug is willing, here’s what would be helpful for tracking this down

  1. Screen recording of the entire Skritter session (from app launch all the way to crash and beyond)
  2. Timestamp of when the crash occurs (especially if you study until a second crash)

That way @josh and I can watch the video with a fine-tooth comb and see if anything jumps out as us that we’re missing when testing the app for this crash/bug on our end.

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3.7.0 (300561) is out for beta testing

Here’s what’s in the build:

  • Incorrect card tests now show more than 10 incorrect cards
  • Unlocked orientation changes on decks/deck sections in an attempt to fix the issue reported by @kstrikis
  • Updated “Outlier” heading to “Outlier Dictionary”

I just sent a link for a screen recording via the feedback option inside the app. Hope it helps.

FWIW, I have auto advance turned off all the time, and I experience these crashes daily as well.

Thanks for the video! @Therebackagain are you on raw squigs as well? That’s another thing I can try testing more!

Would love to get to the bottom of this pesky bug.

Ok, I’m willing to do the video. Will get back to you within the week once I clear up some time.

Yes, on raw squigs. I also have auto advance set to 0.5 sec, advanced SRS grading, study both trad and simp, high graphics quality, stylus input on, streak effects and grading colours, auto play reading, sound effects, auto reveal, hidden definitions and readings.

(Speaking of raw squigs, are you ever going to bring back strokes floating into correct position and order the way legacy does it? That was both cool and useful.)

3.7.0 (300563) is rolling out for beta testing

This build targets the NaN% canvas crash reports we’ve been getting.

Time to do some marathon study sessions and let us know if you stop seeing the issue :slight_smile:

Happy skritting!


So far so good



I can’t do a single card now after this update. Has anyone else had similar issues?

@Oscariscar it sounds like based on our email correspondence that your issue was specific to raw squigs with stylus and that it might have be related to your specific stylus.

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