Boring way of studying definitions and pronunciation


One thing that I have been wondering about a LONG time now is when there will be an interactive way of studying definitions and pronunciation?

Right now you just look at a card and kind of grade yourself which feels kind of meh. Wouldn’t implementing actually writing the pinyin of the word be better for learning?

For definitions, you could randomly select 3 definitions and the correct one and select the correct one.

It just feels kind of bland and ineffective the way it is now.

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We do plan on more learning features! It’s hard to say when though with 2.0 in beta.

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Well after thinking about the Apple pen–I’d like you to sell digital " Chinese" writing paper with built in words for plain old boring writing. Maybe like an add-on app for education and self education.


This is nothing official, but I’ve had similar thoughts. I made this a while ago It’s nothing original, you just draw and the “ink” fades away after a few seconds, but I want to hook that up to your Skritter reviews so that you can trace over relevant characters. For when you want to kill time without any of that “active studying” pressure or concentration. When I have a nice free weekend, I want to explore this idea a little more.

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