Cant find my deck in continous review/all decks (android)

I just created a new deck about an hour ago but I could not find it among my availible lists when I press continous, review options and all decks.

I went to to make sure the list was added to my study que which it is under “add words from”, I also pressed the pause button on the rest of my lists to make sure that this new list was the only one I was studying.

I could still not find it in continous, tried logging out and back in again on the phone app, but all I can see in continous are all my old lists.

I thought it might take a few minutes for it to sync, I also tried to sync manually, still no success.

Its been more than an hour now (almost 2) and I still cant find the list. I can find it under “decks” in the app and when I press it I can test myself on it, but I want to use the continous option to study it since the test mode does not let keep redoing cards you got wrong until you get them right (a flaw if you ask me).

I am feeling that I might be doing something wrong since it should not take this long for the app to sync.

Would you be able to let me know the name of the list? I can take a closer look!

Hi! Sorry for the late reply. I kind of got it to work. It seems like I have to go through the whole test mode thing and mark all cards as “learned” before I can do the continuous study.

The list is called 300成语 although I’ve only added 20 so far.

What I want to do is to have test mode force me to get all cards right before it gives up on me and just accepts that I got x% of them wrong, kind of the way Anki does it. I find this to be a much better way of making sure that you actually can write everything without having to keep redoing the whole list.

Continuous mode “kind of” does this but in continuous mode you give yourself up to the mercy of the algorithm and just hope that it will prompt all cards during a session.

I also have a new problem now. For some reason continuous mode prompts me to write single characters from my 300成语 list although I have this option turned off and have no single character cards in the list.

Have you noticed that behavior with any other list, or does it just seem to be 300成语?

Hi again, I tried switching it on again, then logging out, logged back in and switched it off and now it seems to be working.

I would like to ask one thing that Im not sure about. It seems like its only possible to add lists that you’ve already “learnt” to continuous study mode, at least thats what I gather from reading the information after pressing the (?). I have a list of the most common 3500 characters and I can study that list in continuous study mode.

However, will I only be able to review characters that already are marked as “learnt” from that list without it adding new characters because I want it to keep adding characters until I get the whole list right?

Also, after using skritter for so many years, there is one thing that I really would wish you that you add (maybe as an option you can turn off/on). When we get a card wrong, immediately prompt us to write that card again until we get it right (getting it right by repeating it like this would still count as it being wrong). Dont let us get away with writing cards incorrectly. Force us to get it right until you let us move on.

Sure, you can do this manually BUT the reason we use Skritter is the same reason people hire personal trainers, we need someone that doesn’t let us get away with shit. Someone thats hard on us and forces us to walk that extra mile because thats what will make us better. We can probably do almost everything skritter does manually or with freeware like anki, but the reason we use skritter is because its automatic. With skritter its not us reviewing ourselves, its skritter reviewing us.

This kind of instant repetition makes a huge difference when it comes to your ability to learn. If your last interaction with a card was writing it the wrong way then thats what you will remember the next time you interact with it.

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The continuous mode will only show things that you’ve added (via the Learn mode), that’s correct. It won’t add new items from your list, just review continuously.

As you mentioned you can do this manually by erasing and re-writing, however I see what you mean about enforcing it. Anything that was marked wrong will come back at the beginning of the next review session though and with a bit of time between the repetitions it aids as a memory boost versus being very close in the short term. In the beginning though close repetitions are important-- I see your point!

I see. Since the 3500 characters list is such a long list, is it possible to just mark the whole list as “learnt” so that I can start reviewing it without risking that certain characters wont show up because they arent “learnt”?

Sure! You can use the “Mark all complete” feature inside the deck’s options (via the upper right hand corner when you’re in the deck)


I hope its ok that I ask you a few more things :smiley:

The old skritter way, where you just study and new cards get added automatically, is that “due cards” or “continuous”? Or do you always have to go through study mode for new cards to be added?

Also, how come I cant see the timer clock when studying due cards? I can see how long time I have studied once I have exited due cards study but I cant see it while I am studying.

Glad to help, and of course! Sorry for the delay on this, I somehow missed it.

There isn’t automatic adding for words in either the due cards mode (review mode) or the continuous review mode. Right now the only way to add new cards is via the learn mode from inside of a deck, though we’ve talked about adding an automatic word adding method to the mobile app.

The timer was removed intentionally, it’s a bit of a distraction and not having it there also cleans up the interface a bit. As you mentioned though you can see how much time was spent once you’ve completed the session.

I just made a completely new thread asking how to start studying again after I reset everything, but I guess I could have asked directly here.

So to get started I have to mark the list as “learned” because the thing is I probably know around like 2500 of the 3000 characters, but how will marking the 500ish I dont know as learned affect the studying process? After I’ve marked as learned, should I use “continuous” to kind of replicate the old skritter way of studying?

Also, I can see kind of why you removed the timer but it really makes it difficult to track how much time you are spending. Like if you have a 30 minutes per day goal it would seem to me that it would be even more of a distraction if you have to track the time yourself while studying with another app etc.

I’m going to hop over to the other thread since there’s more activity there and this is a bit of a duplicate thread.

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I definitely prefer this self-controlled method of emphasising a character, rather than automatic enforcement.