Chinese Mobile App going out of sync all the time


Hi, I am still using the old Chinese App on Android and these past days it constantly goes out of sync. Every few minutes the timer drops down, but the pending reviews stay the same. But when I look at the website the pending reviews are much higher. I reinstalled several times at which point the reviews on the App seem to sync with the Website again. Then I have to repeat all the reviews that went out of sync. I don’t know if this has anything to do with the Beta app, but that one is unusable for me in its current state as I described in the respective Forum thread.
Please look into this, it is very frustrating.

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Hey Jannes,

seems to be the same issue discussed here:

So you are not the only one experiencing it :-/


I have also been experiencing this problem over the past few days. Until yesterday I had only used the non-beta app, but I tried installing the beta app to see if it helped. The beta app worked for a little while and then stopped. Reinstalling the app seems to fix it temporarily, but then it will stop working again after a little bit.

It also seems to happen when studying in the browser. (Or maybe I’m just not familiar with how it’s supposed to work.) It says I have 9 reviews, but it keeps giving the same few words that are only a few % due instead of the ones that are actually due.


Both my son and I have had issues with the timer on Android this week. The Apple app seems fine, but the Android one is constantly dropping time. It was really frustrating for him because we like him to do a certain amount of time each day and try as he might he couldn’t get it to show.


I have the same problem with the timer and adding new words. Nothing sync so I can’t use the app. Meanwhile reviews are accumulating up to 1600now.
No answer to my mails from the team either. Really frustrating


Both the old and beta apps on android are not syncing for me. What I have found that works is opening the 2.0 web version of in Firefox on my phone and studying from there. Oddly, opening in Firefox from my windows laptop renders Firefox completely unresponsive and I have to control-alt-delete to get out of it.

The lack of communication is a recurrent problem with the skritter team. 2 years ago or so the pushed out the not ready for prime time beta version as the new stable release right before a holiday then were unresponsive for 3-4 days.

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Same Problem here.
Reviews are not recognized, new added words are gone, and the time study is not recorded.

SO annoying

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Same issue here. Timer keeps resetting and/or randomly rolls back a few minutes.

I’m also a bit annoyed with there still being so many issues with the app and still so many promised functions missing. After all, the app is not all that cheap and things are moving too slow for a paid app.

I think the team needs to hire more people.

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Thanks for the heads up everyone! This is top priority and we’re working on getting a fix out as soon as possible.

We do try to answer everything as quickly as possible, however in the event it’s over the weekend (or someone is out/sick, or perhaps a large amount of support threads) it might cause a delay, though we are generally pretty good at making sure everything is answered quickly! We’ll try to improve this any way we can and I’m sorry that’s the impression you were given. :frowning: Releasing things before a holiday doesn’t sound like a good idea, though.

Would you be able to confirm which version of Firefox you’re on (and Windows)? In the meantime, I recommend giving this a shot on Chrome if you haven’t tried yet.

For anyone running into sync issues and things not being tracked properly, I recommend using the legacy web version until it’s patched up. Again, we’re working on getting this smoothed out as quickly as possible. Please stay tuned!


The web version of skritter works very well for me on my phone atm (Samsung s8 chrome), better then the app ever did. It’s super responsive and syncs perfectly. Almost no issues at all.

To be honest, I really don’t see why we even need an app. It’s never worked very well and the only thing you could do with an app that you can’t to with the browser version is offline skrittering… which I’ve never used. These days with unlimited data packages and pretty much network accessibility everywhere, it’s very rarely needed.

Although some functions has been added, very little has changed in the overall functionality of the app over the years. I’m many instances, previous versions are actually much better then the current ones.

Perhaps more time should be spent on perfecting the mobile version of the web page and let the app be put to rest?

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I think your definition of everywhere doesn’t include any of the places I have lived in the last 10 years. Nor does it include subways, airplanes and tunnels.


Hmm, ok. I agree about airplanes although last 2 times I flew they had WiFi in the plane but the last few years I’ve been all over the place in China and Sweden and I can probably count the hours I’ve not been able to connect to the internet during the last few years on one hand.
In China right now, if you have no network on your phone your basically screwed as your phone is your wallet, your subway card, your bus card, your supermarket, your restaurant… pretty much everything.


Firefox 65.0.1 64 bit, Windows 10 64bit.


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A server-side update has been rolled out to address this issue. Non-beta Android app (2.1.2) should be back to normal and staying in sync. Thanks for bringing the issue to our attention so quickly, and sorry to impact your studies and make you jump around to our various clients while we sorted things out.

You shouldn’t need to log out and log back in on your device, but if you’re still experiencing issues today it is the first thing I would recommend trying.

If you’re still experiencing issues moving forward please email with device and app version info so we can investigate.



Syncing worked fine again during my study session yesterday. Thanks for fixing this

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